Steel components made to clients' specifications
Own development of metallurgy equipment

Our products are steel components that our clients incorporate into their end product.

Our products are component parts of equipment in demanding work environments in the field of mining and construction. We manufacture foundry ladles, lifting tongs and lifting equipment required in metallurgy and foundries. Our steel components are often used in major industrial projects. We also specialise in the manufacture of gearbox housings.

Metallurgy and foundry products are developed and manufactured under our own brand name Stroj. But most of our products are based on ideas and blueprints developed by our clients.


»We have been working with Stroj d.o.o. for many years now. The company is one of our key partners and they are instrumental in keeping our reputation as one of the best on the European market. We consider fast response time and good quality to service price ratio as the most important aspects. Our customers are also very pleased with their products and look forward to work with Stroj d.o.o. in the future.«

»Stroj d.o.o. is the only Slovene partner we have and we decided to go into business with them because of their competitive prices. We soon realized that the company more than exceeds our expectations. We believe it is important to keep pace with the changes on the market and Stroj d.o.o. helps us keep that promise.«

»Stroj d.o.o. is by far the best option if compared to other similar companies in the South European market. The price was of course the most important aspect when we started negotiating. But their effort, high level of flexibility and product quality were the reasons that tipped the scale in favour of establishing  a long-term cooperation with them.«


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